JoyToKey v6.1 Latest Version Cracked 2020 Download Free

JoyToKey v6.1 Latest Version Cracked 2020 Download Free

JoyToKey v6.1 crack (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever buttons and sticks are pressed on the controllers, JoyToKey product converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if a real keyboard and a mouse were used.

Besides being used for gaming software, JoyToKey v6.1 crack for patch can also help general users who want to improve their overall efficiency in various non-gaming applications and productivity software packages. JoyToKey v6.1 crack for mac is especially true for users who want to simplify their workflow and link various frequently used shortcuts and macros to the specific button on their game pad.

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JoyToKey licence key appears to be distributed on several unofficial websites, and some of them appear to distribute modified software (or “download manager”) to install additional applications on your PC. These are not official distributions and the author of JoyToKey crack free download does not participate in any of these activities. Unless you have a good reason to trust these unofficial websites, you should download JoyToKey serial key from the official download page to avoid unnecessary trouble.

JoyToKey crack free version is a keyboard and mouse emulator for joysticks. Converts joystick input to keyboard input (and mouse input). Use it when you want to control an app with joysticks that don’t support joystick input. If you want, you can control all kinds of apps with joysticks and buttons. It’s also a way for Accessibility Switch users to access PCs when using a Switch-friendly game controller. These can be purchased or built according to D.I.Y. guides. The Gamepad Mapper JoyToKey crack latest key configuration repository is a place to share useful profiles.


  • Support for instant creation and use of multiple virtual game controllers.
  • 16 configurable game controller profiles.
  • Ability to launch external programs or URL by pressing the button on the game controller.
  • Full support for advanced media control emulation management (volume up / down, previous / next / play / stop).
  • In-depth button aliasing function.
  • Switch between multiple key assignments.
  • Set specific priorities between multiple game controllers.
  • Support for command line arguments.
  • Designate custom locations for configuration files.
  • Associate profiles with target applications.
  • Automatic switching of profiles based on the currently target application.
  • You can set any button to activate one of the two “special” features. They are only active when you hold this button down.
  • “Temporarily adjust mouse movements”. This allows you to speed up or slow down mouse movement with the press of a button.
  • “Temporarily use the settings of [another] joystick”. Provides access to additional controls, such as those assigned to your virtual joystick (normally called “Joystick 2” in the main menu). Useful for controllers with a limited number of buttons available.
  • You must leave JoyToKey in the background to keep it active. Just reduce its window and go.
  • Congratulations (I hope)! You should be good to go. Hopefully, JoyToKey becomes easier to understand with use, but if you’ve had a hard time you might want to consider: Having a cup of tea while muttering insults on your computer. Please contact us for assistance.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP.


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How to Install

  • Download the installer from one of the links below, and execute it and follow the instructions.
  • Alternatively, in case you prefer to download JoyToKey in ZIP file format then you can unzip it into any folder you like, and then execute JoyToKey.exe.
  • NOTE: Some security software may show a warning when you execute JoyToKey.exe downloaded from, but you can safely ignore it.
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