Avast Mobile Security Cracked APK 6.38.2 Free Download

Due to the popular security solutions and antivirus software for Windows and Mac, Avast Mobile Security Premium Cracked provides us with free software to antivirus from other operating systems and payments, including Android and iOS. Included tools. For the latter, we can use Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus. Protect yourself from viruses and other malware with the world’s most reliable free antivirus app for Android, West Mobile Security.

A virus is one of the issues that Android users worry about when accessing the Internet. Nowadays, websites are often associated with ads and sometimes malicious code, which can harm Android devices. If unfortunately, they will not operate the machine easily. The battery drains quickly, data charges increase exponentially, and processing tasks become heavier due to identity theft, or worse yet, personal information theft.

Avast Mobile Security Cracked APK 6.38.2 Free Download

If you do not want to be a poacher, you need to prevent these threats before they happen and one of the ways to solve this problem is Avast Anti-Virus. According to statistics, this application has more than 14 million active users. You probably won’t want to miss it!

No more worrying about the virus

With Avast Anti-Virus, hackers will not be able to access your device with malware or viruses associated with certain websites. It builds a powerful firewall, blocks and removes threats that can cause problems to your phones. From there, you can safely try out content on the internet and even on other apps already installed on your phone.

Speed ​​up your phone

Junk files replenish memory and make the device lack storage space as part of this pollution. The main reason is that RAM and ROM are consuming a lot of space. They are playing the role of reading and writing data to run applications, so when it can no longer read and write data, it crashes or lags.

For the most part, the apps have RAM data on exit (aka side work), so if you want your device to run faster, you need to free it. Working with Avast Anti-Virus has never been easier and more intuitive. Just click on the Boost Ram button and all of the seconds will be resolved in a few seconds.

Privacy when accessing the web with a VPN

Today, much of the content on the Internet is hidden because it does not fit the culture of some countries, or is geographically limited. Waste Anti-Virus has integrated a VPN into its app and you can find all the content you want. In addition, your browsing activity and logs will not be recorded, and IP address and location information will be kept confidential to create privacy. Ensure the quality, as Avast has no intention of bad service.

Protection of personal data

If you have some sensitive data like photos and videos that you don’t want anyone to see, hide it and create a password with Photo Vault. If some apps, like Messenger, Messages, Facebook, or Wicket, contain personal information and you don’t want anyone to access it without their consent, set a password using the App Lock feature. I think you’ve thought about it but no solution was found. But it is now fast and easy to use.

What you don’t want to happen is that your phone has been stolen. Personal data can be uploaded to, deleted, or stolen on social networks for nefarious purposes. Avast Antivirus has been developed with an additional anti-theft feature to avoid potential harm. You can adjust settings in the anti-theft section to automatically turn on the PIN to lock the device (it cannot be used unless the correct PIN code is entered), lock data changes in the SIM card, and lose the feature. At this point, the volume has changed to maximum, it looks big and the camera will take pictures of the thief automatically. If you are using the cloud and are already connected, you can log into the cloud and transfer media files, including photos and videos.

Working Avast Mobile Security Premium Activation Code 100% Free:

Avast Mobile Security Premium Kelly provides real-time protection for your cell phone, protects your data from hackers, and whenever you download something to your phone, Avast automatically detects you for viruses and malware. Scans Adware applications violate your privacy. Protect your devices from phishing attacks via email, phone calls, infected websites, or SMS.

If Everest has detected a virus or other malware, Everest Mobile Security ProCrack will ask you to remove or protect it to protect your privacy and data. The remote control allows you to prevent thieves from accessing your data and helps you recover if your device is lost or stolen. In addition to anti-virus scanning, you can use call and message filtering with anti-theft, firewall, and security advisor functions. Screens and apps are also available.

The virus scan is done on the internal memory or on the device’s memory card. It can be executed at any time or indefinitely according to schedule. The National Security Advisor inspects all installed programs and provides permission to use personal information.

This app has a built-in smart scanner that can scan all files and folders in the device due to threats, including hidden and unwanted files. After that, the notification returns to the screen and you need to press the “Clean” button to finish the job and free up the device’s memory.

Avast Mobile Security Cracked APK 6.38.2 Free Download

What’s new in Avast Mobile Security Premium APK?

  • Provide application insights.
  • Find out how much time you spend on each app on your device and restore your life balance.
  • Automatically search for new Wi-Fi networks to quickly alert you to potential privacy threats.
  • Trojan horse deleted infected files.
  • Call ban
  • Common numbers that have a PIN number.
  • The application manager allows.
  • To prevent online web shield attacks.

Avast Mobile Security Cracked APK 6.38.2 Free Download
Avast Mobile Security Premium Crack Features:

  • The main feature of this application is the anti-virus engine.
  • This feature automatically performs dangerous virus scanning and scanning procedures and applications because it protects against spyware.
  • If someone tries to hack a WiFi password or internet connection, this app will protect you.
  • It tracks ads and provides complete details about your tracking system.
  • Remote data recovery from the phone.
  • Enable audio, video, and app backup (including settings and data for both rooted and non-rooted phones).
  • Clears your device’s junk files and cache to enhance your cell phone performance.
  • You can block unwanted calls from unknown people
  • No one can steal your data because it protects your device 24/7.
  • This will increase your RAM and clean up junk files to make your device run faster than ever.
  • Conduct regular surveys to deal with hazards and risks.
  • Detect harmful apps before installing them.
  • Protection from malicious software links on the web.
  • Check the security of any Wi-Fi network.

Avast Mobile Security Cracked APK 6.38.2 Free Download
Avast Mobile Security Premium Activation Code:



How to install Avast Mobile Security Unlocked APK?

1- Download APK
2- On your Android phone, go to settings > security > allow unknown source
2- Install
3- Done!

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